Brainwave Entrainment- What is It?

brainwave entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment- Gateway to a Healthy Mind

Brainwave entraiment is a very technical term that scares many people away from the topic. So, our pledge at alpha beta theta delta dot com is to make these potentially challenging topics easy to understand.

For brainwave entrainment, let’s look at a few real life examples that should allow you to understand this more easily.

The Beat of the Rock Concert

One of the most common forms of brainwave entrainment can happen when we listen to different types of music. For instance, have you ever been at a rock concert or club where the music is so powerful it lifts your mood and emotions.

So, why is it that you feel more and more euphoric and full of energy. Well, partly this is due to your brain being impacted by specific beats of the music and sometimes light.

It seems that, certain music creates a specific beat or frequency that the brain begins to follow. So, as the brains tunes itself to the music beat it starts to beat is step with the music. This is brainwave entrainment in action.

So, certain music can have a powerful impact on our brain. In fact, powerful enough to make your brain change it’s state, as outlined in our section about brainwave frequencies.

In fact, that’s why we humans enjoy music so much. Through the power of entrainment we change our mood and emotion.

Let’s look at another real life example.

Time to Chill

It’s not only rock music that can impact our mood and emotions through brainwave entrainment. At the opposite end of the spectrum, certain very slow pieces of classical music called ‘baroque’ can create a similar response. The well studied ‘baroque effect’ creates entrainment of our brain at a much slower frequency. This slower frequency tends to create more chill or meditative mind states created via production of alpha brainwaves.

Harness the Power of Brainwave Entrainment

So, from the examples above, you can see that the real power of brainwave entrainment lies in our ability to use this knowledge to change how be feel. Listening to music to create this effect can be very hit and miss.

In fact, today we have specific sounds like binaural beats and isochronic tones which are designed to assist with our desired entrainment state. So, whether you want to reduce stress, sleep better, meditate more deeply, study better or reduce anxiety, you’ll find tracks to help.

These allow us to effortlessly create new mind states. These sound tracks are many and varied and  from alpha brainwaves for study and meditation